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6mm PVC Flexible stranded bare copper house wire used bv pvc electric cable

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Home decoration electrical cable

It is a kind of special flexible wire for distribution cabinet, also known as secondary wire. Copper core PVC insulated flexible wire is used in occasions where flexible wiring is requiredIt is applicable to the fixed laying of power devices with AC rated voltage of 450/750v and below. Home decoration lighting. Fixed wiring can be used for indoor open laying, pipe threading and other occasions

The composition of Home decoration electrical cable

Oxygen-free copper

PVC insulation





Good flame retardancy and material flexibility No easy to oxidize,oxygen free brittleness







Good processability and welding performance Corrosion resistance,low temperature resistance










Clear and unambiguous printing

3C guarantee







It is suitable for power, household appliances, instruments and telecommunications equipment with AC rated voltage of 450/750v and below, and is mostly used in various mechanical equipment, with strong flexibility


Type BV-1*6.0mm2 Electrical cable
Place of OriginChina
Brand NameSURXIN
Number of Conductors1
ColorBicolor/Blue/Red/Yellow/Black or required
Insulation MaterialPVC
Rated voltage450/750V
CCC numble2017010105036098



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