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Patch Cords

Cat-6 Bare Copper UTP Cat6 Patch Cables

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The Patch cable
The Patch cable is actually the metal connecting wire connecting the two demand points of the circuit board (PCB). Due to different product designs, the materials and thickness of the Patch cable are different. Most of the Patch cable are used for the transmission of the same potential voltage, and also for the reference voltage of the protection circuit. For those with precision voltage requirements, the voltage drop generated by a little metal Patch cable will also have a great impact on the product performance.

The composition of the power cable

Oxygen-free copper

PVC sheath

PE insulation





Good optical and mechanical properties, stable transmission performance, high durability, high density, small diameter and small volume









Relatively low cost and long transmission distance












Clear and unambiguous printing








1. Optical fiber communication system

2. Optical fiber access network

3. Optical fiber data transmission

4. Optical fiber CATV

5. Local area network (LAN)

6. Test equipment

7. Optical fiber sensor



TypeCAT6 Patch Cord
Place of OriginChina
Brand NameSURXIN
ColorBlue or reuqired
Number of Conductors8