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Factory Price Wiring Thin Load Cell Vented 2008 Speed Sensor Cable

The sensor cable

The sensor connecting line is also called the sensor connector (with cable), because the sensor connector (with cable) is the most commonly used connecting line on the sensor, mainly including M12 connector, M8 connector, solenoid valve connector and other connectors of various specifications. The definition of sensor connecting line has a wide meaning, that is, the connecting line used on various sensors. The connecting line plays the role of finding and connecting signals.

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The composition of the sensor cable

Oxygen-free copper

PVC sheath

Aluminum magnesium shielding

XLPE insulation

High impedance, low power, only very low input energy

A large amount of variation can be obtained, thus having a high signal-to-noise ratio and system stability

Fast dynamic response and high working frequency,thick B contact measurement, the measured object can be a conductor or a semiconductor

Simple structure and strong adaptability,it can work under harsh ring mirrors such as high and low temperature and strong radiation, and is widely used


Type CZJYVP 6-4*0.2mm2
Place of Origin China
Province Anhui
Brand Name SURXIN
Insulation XLPE
Jacket PVC
Color Black or required
Shielding Aluminum magnesium
Rated voltage 300/300V
Core 4



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