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vented cable

Good Selling Pur Jacket Anticorrosive Waterproof Vented Cable

Vented Cable

Vented cable is a kind of air conducting detection cable, which is composed of air duct, power cable, signal cable, waterproof and decompression layer, shielding layer and outer protective layer. The power cable and signal cable are closely arranged around the air duct to form a ring-shaped cable core, and the waterproof and decompression layer, shielding layer and outer protective layer are coaxially wrapped outside the ring-shaped cable core.A vented cable is the cable which has one or more usual conductors for the purpose of providing a vent path between the electrical connections at either end.

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The composition of the vented cable

Tinner copper conductor

Vent tube

PVC filling core

Polyolefine Insulation

Aluminum foil

Braid shield

The advantage of the composition

Aluminum foil/Braid shield:Protect and shield the information that needs to be trasmitted prevent from being affected by interference signals and prevent the spread of signals in the line

PVC filling core:Filling with PVC material makes the appearance of air conducting cable more beautiful

Vent tube:Instruments connecting ground and underground,discharge and reduce underwater pressure,maintain data accuracy




Excellent electrical insulation

High and low temperature resistance,little change due to temperature










Corrosion resistance

High lubrication







Non viscosity

Aging resistance







Cable sensor for water pressure measurement.

Including a vent tube for fluid level measurement regardless of atmospheric pressure changes.

High mechanical resistance.

To be used in harsh environment: in sewer and cleaning water system.


Type DQYUP 7.2-4*02
Place of Origin China
Province Anhui
Brand Name SURXIN
Insulation Material PE
Jacket TPU
Jacket Color White/Black/Blue
Application Underground
Conductor Material Tinner copper conductor
Number of cores 4





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