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Electrical Cable Wire

manufacturer sale 2 cores 0.75 cable national standard pure copper RVVP pvc cable

The control cable

Control cables belong to cables for electrical equipment, and power cables are two of the five categories of cables,the control cable is suitable for industrial and mining enterprises, energy and transportation departments, for controlling and protecting lines with AC rated voltage below 450/750V.

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The composition of the control cable

Oxygen-free copper

Copper wire braided shielding layer

Aluminium foil

PVC sheath

PP mesh filler

The advantage of the composition

Aluminum foil/Braid shield:Protect and shield the information that needs to be trasmitted prevent from being affected by interference signals and prevent the spread of signals in the line

PP mesh filler:Filling with PP material makes the appearance of air conducting cable more beautiful

Good flame retardancy and material flexibility

No easy to oxidize,oxygen free brittleness Good processability and welding performance
Corrosion resistance,low temperature resistance

Copper wire braided shielding is adopted,which has better electromagnetic compatibility characteristics

Clear and unambiguous printing
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Control installation

Audio broadcasting


TypeRVVP 2*0.75mm2
Place of OriginChina
Brand NameSURXIN
Insulation MaterialPVC
ShieldingAluminium and copper
Jacket colorBlack or required
Rated Voltage300/300V