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Fire Resistant Cable

Manufacturers Cheap Fire Engineering Signal Line Soft Core Oxygen-free Rvs Copper Cable 2*1mm

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RVS electric cable

The full name of RVs wire is copper core polyvinyl chloride insulated twisted flexible wire and twisted pair multi strand flexible wire, referred to as twisted pair, commonly known as “fancy wire”. At present, this kind of wire is mainly used in fire protection system, also known as “fire wire”.

The composition of RVS electric cable

Oxygen-free copper

PVC insulation




Good flame retardancy and material flexibility No easy to oxidize,oxygen free brittleness

Corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance

RVS wires are twisted pair wires, which are usually only used for public address system wiring and fire protection system, and only have two core specifications.

When wiring, RVs wires are selected for straight lines with few loops and without passing through the wall, which is more cost-effective.


It is mainly used for the detector circuit of the automatic fire alarm system, as well as the wires for household appliances, small electric tools, instruments and power lighting. It is also suitable for connecting the power amplifier with audio equipment and broadcasting system to transmit audio signals amplified and processed by the power amplifier.


Type RVS-2*1.0mm2
Place of Origin China
Province Anhui
Brand Name SURXIN
Application Heating
Color Red and Black or Red and Blue or required
Rated Voltage 300/300V
Insulation PVC Insulation Cable
Standard JB/T 8734.3-2012
Length 200m
Core 2



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