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Electrical Cable Wire

Factory Price 2 core 300/500V PVC Insulated PVC Sheathed Cables 2*1.0 bvvb Flat Cable

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Electrical wiring cable

Wire and cable are wire products used to transmit electric (magnetic) energy, information and realize electromagnetic energy conversion. In the broad sense, wires and cables are also referred to as cables. In the narrow sense, cables refer to insulated cables, which can be defined as: an assembly composed of the following parts; One or more insulated cores, as well as their respective possible covering layers, total protective layers and outer protective layers. The cable may also have additional uninsulated conductors.

The composition of electrical wiring cable

Oxygen-free copper

PVC sheath





The insulation and sheath materials adopt elastomer or silicone rubber to improve the flexibility, corrosion resistance and cold resistance of the cable. The color separation of insulated wire core provides convenience for laying and installation.








Flat cable has the advantages of saving installation space and reducing cost. The heat dissipation of flat cable is better than that of round cable in case of multi-core wire.










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BVVB is suitable for mobile power transmission lines and control, lighting and communication lines of lifting equipment transmission machinery, elevators, cranes, tower cranes, telescopic mechanical equipment in special places, and also for the connection and installation of flat wires of mobile mechanical parts in closed indoor environment BVVB is mainly used for mobile laying. The number of back and forth bending is greater than that of round cable, and its service life is long


Type BVVB 2×1.0mm2
Place of Origin China
Province Anhui
Brand Name SURXIN
Application House wiring construction
Jacket color White
Insulation PVC Insulation Cable
Rated Voltage 300/500V
Standard JB/T 8734.2-2016
Core 2 Core



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